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Interview with Vanessa, our Holiday model from Columbia

by Liz Parsons |

Vanessa Pulgarin is a stunning visiting model from Columbia, in Australia for a limited time to take the fashion world by storm). A pleasure to work with, her laid-back and relaxed nature, suited the style of our range perfectly. 

Where abouts are you from in Columbia?

I'm from Medellin, Colombia.

What do you love about being in Australia?
I like the people, the food, the landscapes, beach...

What do you like about Australian fashion?
Each person has their own style.

What did you like about working for wYse?

The clothing, they have a great style, (and are) beautiful clothes. How they made me feel was great. It was a pleasure to work with people so friendly and happy.


Vanessa Pulgarin

Instagram: #vanepulgarin

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