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#8200 - Libby Dress Sleeveless. Designed and created due to popular demand, the all new Libby Dress is a stunning take on our sleeveless Alaya dress. This dress is shortened to sit at the calves and has thicker straps for those who want a bit more coverage and for those who prefer it for their body shape.  The signature drape of of the dress naturally and gently shapes the body and is incredibly comfortable to wear. 


Wear with: Flats or heels. On a night out or in Winter, wear with a great denim jacket.


Made from Modal: A luxury, natural & eco-friendly fabric, made from the pulp of beechwood trees. Knitted with a small amount of Spandex means the fabric is sensationally soft and provides a heightened level of stretch flexibility and comfort. 90% Modal 10% Spandex

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