Suzy Clark aka @desperatelyseekingsuzy lives in the sunny, seaside village of Casuarina Beach in Northern NSW with her hubby of 21 years, three teenage boys and cattle dog named “Chaka". Suzy grew up on the Gold Coast, but moved to Casuarina Beach in 2003 so she could raise her family in a small community where the family’s surfing interests could be pursued. She now runs her own consulting business from home, manages her hubby’s busy business and indulges her life-long passion for fashion in her Instagram account which she started back in 2015. 


“My Instagram page started purely for a bit of a giggle.  My sister had started an IG account a couple of weeks earlier and she encouraged me to participate in a week long colour/fashion challenge on Instagram.  It was so beyond my comfort zone it wasn’t funny, but for a laugh I made up my silly Instagram name, hubby took a shot of me with the iPhone in the living room (looking incredibly embarrassed) and @desperatelyseekingsuzy was born. If someone had told me then, that 4 years later @desperatelyseekingsuzy would have over 13,000 followers and I’d working with an amazing brand like wYse, I would NEVER, EVER have believed them”.


Suzy's style is relaxed and casual, in keeping with her beachy, coastal lifestyle.  She loves clothes that are easy to wear and fuss free. And as a nature loving environmentalist, her fashion choices reflect her desire to encourage sustainable and ethical fashion practices. 


“I buy much less clothing these days. I used to be heavily into fast fashion when I was younger, always chasing the next “trend” and then sadly discarding it. But I’ve become much more selective as I’ve matured, preferring to buy less, but better quality clothing - pieces I know I will wear over and over and will treasure for years to come. I find I’m actually spending less and loving my wardrobe more….and after all, the best thing money can buy is wonderful memories in the form of family holidays!”


Suzy considers Bali her second home. “It’s where we go to unwind, surf, relax, eat amazing food (not cooked by me!) and be nurtured by the beautiful Balinese people.  And my wYse wardrobe always comes with me. It’s perfect for travelling and the natural fibres means that I can still look super stylish while remaining cool in the tropical environment.”


On being a Brand Ambassador for wYse, Suzy says “I was totally flattered and super chuffed to be approached by wYse for such an amazing role.  I’ve worn and loved wYse clothes for many years, so to represent a brand that not only supports ethical, sustainable fashion, but is made right here in Australia and supports Aussie workers, is without a doubt the PERFECT fit for me.” 


Suzy wears the Morgan dress


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  • Leah Stephens : July 23, 2019
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    Knowing Suzy for 15 years living in casuarina I can honestly say she is beautiful inside & out with or without beautiful clothes!!! She will do your products wYse proud…well done suz 🥰

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