We hear from the gorgeous Jana Moore as she prepares for the most exciting journey of her life.

Jana's Journey

I feel very excited celebrating my first mother’s day with my due date being only couple of days prior. Even if our little boy decides to be fashionably late I already feel like a mum carrying him for the last 9 months. 


My pregnancy has been a great journey- one that I will treasure as a very special life experience and that has already totally changed my outlook on life. As many other first time mums I used to fear pregnancy. Now that I am almost there and feeling great, it allowed me to reflect on few simple tips that made it possible. They made me feel comfortable in my own skin and mentally ready to embark on this next exciting chapter of being a mum . 


1. Create a lifestyle not a regime 

Even though I didn’t know I wanted to fall pregnant by a certain date I knew it was on the cards for us in the near future. Establishing good and healthy habits prior to falling pregnant made me feel great in my body and motivated to keep it up during the morning sickness period and when I thought I should (or could) eat for two.



2. Hydration 

I notice straight away when I don’t drink enough water. My skin looks dull, my lips are dry and I feel sluggish. This effected me even more during my pregnancy and I felt thirsty all the time.  When it was hard to maintain regular water intake due to my morning sickness I opted for plain mineral water that I found really refreshing or homemade iced fruit tea. 


3. Create positive mindset

When I found out I was pregnant I unfollowed all social media accounts that made me feel body conscious. Instead I started to follow mums and family accounts that inspired me and made me more excited about my own journey. I found a few girls that were couple of weeks ahead of me in their pregnancy and it was great to follow their journey knowing this is what lies ahead of me.


Jana in our pleated pants


4. Self care 

Maintaining my self care rituals during my pregnancy made me feel special and good about my body. It was as simple as putting on a face mask on or coconut oil in my hair - my body seemed to respond to it even more and showed me that it is what I really need. It also helps with creating the ‘pregnancy glow’.


5. Time for yourself

Everyone told me that this is the last time I would be able to be selfish so I tried very hard to set aside (even schedule) blocks of time for myself. Reading, meditation, napping or going to a library - I really enjoyed my moments of solitude. This helped me feeling grounded and more connected with my body when times got stressful.


Jana in our Romancia Tunic


6. Comfortable and stylish clothing 

Working in fashion retail (an iconic handbag company), wearing clothing that is stylish, comfortable and can grow with my body was my priority. Already a fan of wYse I had my favourite pieces on rotation early on in my pregnancy. I kept adding more pieces as my body was changing knowing these will be great for the postpartum period as well. I am set to be a stylish mum!


It is easy to fear such a big change in my life but I also like to remind myself what an amazing opportunity is to become and be a mother. I can’t wait to celebrate with other amazing mother’s in my life on May the 12th and get another day when I can ask for pancakes in bed :) 


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