I was born in to a big family of five kids with me right in the middle! I was a lucky kid, spending days in the ocean on the Gold Coast learning to surf.

I have so many great memories of camping adventures as a kid. We even lived on Moreton Island for three months as young kids. I’m not sure how mum wrangled five kids in to a tent every night, she really is a superwoman! 

I started my career in magazine Publishing, working on magazines when they were in their peak! I still have a special love for such a tangible product in today's digital age.

I was lucky enough to meet my soul mate as a teenager and together we’ve travelled two laps of Australia and have two beautiful young kids Nala and Ari. I just love being a mum! Those two little sunshine loving souls light up my life!

My travels around Australia formed such a big part of my life. Just living out of a tent for a year is it’s own adventure! There were so many highlights and some things I never imagined myself doing! At one stage we lived for months on a Sheep Station which doubles as a remote Desert Surf Camp in Western Australia. We’ve travelled through the Tanami desert. In the Kimberley’s I’ve walked through Tunnel Creek filled with fresh water crocodiles, and placed my hand in 180 million year old dinosaur footprints.

It’s funny how life turns off. I felt like travelling swayed me towards a more natural, simplistic and sustainable life. And after my trip wYse became the next part of my journey.

It’s such a lovely little community of incredible women who’ve all found each other here through Liz. So many meaningful and wonderful friendships have been formed in my wonderful seven years here. I've had a chance to do everything from videography, to social media, and everything in between. I loved being surrounded by such creative, supportive and passionate women. All so uniquely talented in their own fields. 

Now it’s time for me to say goodbye as I head off on another lap of Australia. This time in a caravan (thank goodness) and with two kids, one of which we'll be homeschooling as we travel. I can’t wait for us to see where life takes us! 


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