If 2020 is your year to feel inspired and make some changes to find a more harmonious you, we hope you enjoy this blog on how to help you practice gratefulness. By the gorgeous Jana Moore.

Close your eyes, breathe in, breathe out and open


See the world the way it is in front of you. Notice what you have, notice what you feel and notice where you are. If you are reading this - you belong to the lucky few in the world that lead life having enough to thrive.
Being grateful is a positive state of mind that helps to create other positive associations like satisfaction and fulfillment. You can simply start this practice by bringing awareness to your every day actions.
Here is a roadmap of a day filled with gratitude that is guaranteed to make your heart sing.

Upon waking pause for 10 seconds and think of 3 things that you are grateful for today. It could be something that you currently have (like a warm bed or living close to the beach) or things you are looking forward to (like getting to spend the day with your friend, going to the beach etc). Show gratitude to your body by giving it nurturing and healthy foods and treating it with kindness. This could be a walk on the beach, using natural skin care or wearing sustainable clothing that feels soft and warm on your skin.
You can also show gratitude and say your appreciation to someone who you come in to contact with on the day. Perhaps it could be thanking the person that prepared your coffee this morning, smiling at a stranger on the train or complimenting a mum on her beautiful baby.

Little acts of kindness is a great way of bringing more gratitude to your life. How about inviting your co worker or a friend for lunch? If they ask you why, you can just say that you wanted to let them know that you appreciate their friendship and thought this would be a nice way to spend quality time together. You can also send a message to someone you haven’t spoken to for a while and let them know you are thinking of them and wishing them a nice day.
On your way from lunch, buy a bunch of fresh flowers and display them on your desk. Their beauty and fresh smell will remind you of the lovely day you are having so far.

You can show your gratitude to a loved one or close friend by preparing their favourite meal, perhaps accompanied by a glass of their favourite wine or a dessert. You don’t need to wait for special occasions to make someone feel special. Remembering someone’s favourite dish is a sure way to their heart!
Now that you are preparing to go to sleep you can recap on all the things that you are grateful for after this day. A smile from a stranger, quality time with family or friends, the beauty in nature. All these are a direct response to your effort of bringing more gratitude to your life.


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