Now more than ever we’re all looking for ways we can play our part in conserving the environment. From what we eat to what we wear, we’re all making a conservative effort to address every part of our lifestyle. A lot of us are in a period of evolution, making our journey towards a more natural lifestyle. We all know how good it feels when we show a little love for the planet we live in and the planet we’ll leave behind. It should be a feel-good journey for us all.

Natural and sustainable clothing is just one chapter of the journey. Sustainable fashion is quickly growing and becoming a popular little pocket of the fashion world. Where it was once hemp playsuits and simple bodywear, this sector has grown and evolved in to so many different shapes and styles. It feels so great to see the fashion world take a step in the right direction.

What you may not realise is natural clothing is not just good for the planet, it’s actually incredibly good for you! It’s good for the body and it’s good for the soul!

Feel the goodness

There are so many wonderful benefits of wearing a natural and sustainable fibre. The biggest and most obvious benefit to you is the feeling on your skin. A natural fabric is soft and gentle and allows the skin to breathe.

Synthetic fibres can be harsh and irritable on your skin and sometimes you don’t realise just how much until you compare the two. Synthetic fibres can often be called the ‘plastic fabric’. They require loads of chemicals to create these type of materials.

Natural material is great for those with sensitive skin and those who are also sensitive beings.

Whether you’re sensitive or not, our bodies are so naturally intuitive. Wearing a natural fabric not only provides a better physical sense of well being, it can also influence your internal well being as well. Natural fibre gives you a feeling of being naturally in tune with your body. It’s also about working in harmony with your demeanor. Wearing comfortable and gentle clothing can have such a positive role in calming mind, body and spirit.


Enjoying the benefits of natural and sustainable fashion with my two precious babies. Wearing the Nova draped top


Beechwood, the wonder fabric

One of the best natural fabrics you can wear is Modal. This incredible sustainable material is made from the pulp of the beechwood tree. It’s the most luxurious and one of the best quality sustainable fabrics you can buy. Modal fabric is broken down from the milky pulp of the beechwood tree, which means it’s requires minimal processing and intervention compared to some other natural fabrics such as bamboo. It’s also 50% more absorbent than cotton. It draws moisture away from the skin, which allows you to feel dry. The soft and gentle feeling of the beechwood material allows the fabric to float on the body, it feels feather-light and effortless to wear.

Aside from the incredible feeling of this beechwood fabric, the entire process of creating the yarn follows a strict and ethical and environmental process. Each tree comes from a sustainable forestry plantation. The whole process uses environmentally friendly energy sources. During the fibre processing stage, Modal also created a natural by-product which can then be used within other industries.

One huge added benefit of wearing sustainable beechwood clothing is it’s anti-crease abilities. If you love travelling, you can pull these pieces straight from your suitcase and the creases fade with the natural heat of your body.

The quality of the fabric is also another added bonus! A pair of good quality Modal leggings can last up to 10 years and more! Whereas cheaper fast fashion leggings may only last you a season. That means less clothing ending up in landfill. Even after years and years of wear Modal fabric is biodegrabale and breaks down back in to the planet where it came from.

This feel-good fabric creates such a tangible piece of clothing. There are so many flattering styles that manage to combine the art of looking great but more importantly feeling sensational. wYse creates easy-to-wear styles made from this wonderful feel-good fabric that feel so amazing on the body. If you’re on your own journey to transforming to a natural lifestyle, wearing clothes that are great for the planet and great for you is the perfect match. Nourish your intuitive body with fibres that nourish you. Find styles that are timeless and last the test of time. Create your own path that helps replenish the planet and replenish the soul.

In the office with my gorgeous Ari. Wearing a wYse jumpsuit


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