Manasprings Bags

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Manasprings Bags -  These gorgeous bags come from a not-for-profit organisation that supports women and families throughout Kenya and Africa. A wonderful initiate that is all about 'women empowering women'. Each bags that's purchased goes back to helping vulnerable and marginalised children, women and families in Kenya and across Africa.

Made by women in Kenya who weave these traditional bags, often taking months to create. The women are not put under any time pressure or quotas. They make what they can as a side job whilst supporting their families and weaves these amazing creations on the side. The elder women in the communities help pass on the knowledge of traditional weaving techniques to the younger women. In some of the bags the ladies name will be sewn in to the bag so you know who made the bag your purchasing. 

Every single one of these bags are unique. No 2 bags are created the same,  they may be similar in size and colours but they're all individually made by different ladies, which makes them all individual.