A couple of week’s ago we spoke to the gorgeous Jana and her preparations for becoming a first time mum. Now her baby boy has arrived and we hear about her first precious moments with her son Maison.

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My little boy Maison was born 18 days ago and it still feels quite surreal. People told me I will experience an overwhelming sense of love as soon I hold my baby in my arms. In my case the love felt rather familiar - like I’ve been waiting for him to arrive in my life for a long time and now he’s finally here. Almost like a really good friend you haven't seen for years and whose company you’ve always enjoyed.

Jana wears the Libby dress

His energy felt very calm and comforting. When he came earth side he was looking around calmly as if trying to absorb the change that has just happened to him. I can't wait to see him grow and experience the world through his eyes. It will give me another chance to notice all the little details we can miss day to day.

Jana wears the Morgan dress

Jana and her first baby Coco


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